Science and Silliness is the homepage for all silly and/or scientific projects by Lieven Scheire and Bart Van Peer. We aim to bring fun and awesomeness to those with a passion for science, technology and silliness.

Doping tests at RoboCup 2013

At the world championship football for Robots 2013 in Eindhoven, The Netherlands, we have been testing Robots on doping use. What better tool to use then the sonic screwdriver.

Imaginary Decathlon

A breakthrough in the history of the Olympics and of Athletics in particular: the Imaginary Decathlon redefines the barriers of the human kind when it comes to performance. Decathlon records are under pressure and might become irrelevant under influence of mathematics. Here's a world shocking new view on one of the most demanding sport disciplines. Decathlon will never be the same...

Binary Birthdays

Life is way simpler when you only have to deal with two numbers instead of 10: only zeros and ones. Applied to birthdays it creates way more opportunities to celebrate. Use here the one and only Binary Birthday Calculator (commonly known as the BBC) and create a unique binary present, print it out and wear it proudly.

Leap Second Records

Coming saturday june 30th we will have a leap second. This is an ideal time to break a record on a 100m sprint or winmine, since one second will not be counted.

Belgian Football Fans for sale

In 2012, Belgium was once again not selected for the european football championships... We decided to put our fanship for sale at eBay, support the team of the highest bidder, and send the profits to Unicef. Soon we were joined on facebook by 20.000 other Belgians.